Komputeko (Esperanto abbreviation of Computer Terminology Collection or "Prikomputila terminokolekto") is an internet project of the international association E@I. The project aims to list computer words in as many languages as possible, in order to stimulate the usage of correctly translated terms. Too often computer terms are not translated correctly, because translators don't have access to free professional online dictionaries. We want to offer the possibility to not only find the words, but we list as many resources as possible (with a link to it, if available) and also provide alternative translations.

At this time (November 2015), we have collected about 9000 computer related terms, 8900 of which have been translated into Esperanto, 5100 into Dutch, 3600 into German and 3900 into French.


There is a Wikipedia article about the Komputeko project. You can read there about the development, the usage and the book versions.

Where to buy book versions?

The 2012 edition of the book can be bought from the two leading Esperanto bookshops.
Both have a traditional and an online store.


Download lists of the most common computer Words in 5 languages (PDF): Conversion tool to easily convert texts written in surrogate alphabets towards unicode text ("ĉapelitaj literoj")

How to type Esperanto Characters like ĉ, ĝ and ŭ?

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